A story about persistence, resilience, and faith. 

Being a parent is hard, and so is being an entrepreneur. But being a Parentpreneur?

Well, that's a whole new level of crazy!

This book takes you on a journey as James, a new dad of twins, and founder of a funded tech startup, overcomes tremendous obstacles and shares his best lessons learned with you.

You will be inspired to never quit. To follow your dreams. And you will know that you CAN be a successful Parentpreneur.

Written by James Oliver, Jr. 

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Amazon Reviews

  • From a Dadpreneur

    "Consider this mandatory reading for anyone who is both a Parent and an Entrepreneur. A lot of books of this category are full of superficial motivation and oversimplify the journey of an aspiring entrepreneur. This book takes the opposite approach, an honest (aka "real talk") and inspiring collection of tribulations and triumphs from the Author's actual experiences.

    I was able to read this book in just under 2 hours but pulled lessons from it that will last me a lifetime as a Father and business owner." - Jules Pierre-Louis

  • From a Mompreneur

    "I read this book in one day. This book is smart, informative, brutally real, and motivational. So much honesty and transparency shared by James Oliver in these powerful 83 pages. You will put this book down feeling inspired to hustle harder to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true." - Millicent O. Crawford

  • From a Dabbling Dadpreneur

    "As a parent who has always dabbled in being an Entrepreneur, James' book is really insightful, gives a good set of thought pieces and motivation to push on with being a Parentpreneur. For me, it was fresh insight into how things like Shark Tank and Accelerators work and what I need to think about in my own entrepreneurial pursuits.

     I would really recommend this to other parents as well as anyone thinking of starting out on their own. It's good motivation and a highly insightful read, thanks James!" - Kindle Customer

Watch James' Journey as a Parentpreneur Told By Money Magazine

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Who Should Read This Book?

  • Parentpreneurs

    Because you need a dose of inspiration to keep going with the parenting & entrepreneurship grind!

  • Entrepreneurs

    If you're looking for tips on how to hustle and get stuff done, you've come to the right place!

  • People who like reality TV shows like Shark Tank

    If you like to see how the new company "sausage" is made, you'll love this book! 

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More AMAZON Reviews

  • My Mom (Yep, had to include mom)

    "This book is such a great read. It draws you in and touches your heart. As well it leaves you wanting to know just what happened to James and WeMontage." - C. Perkins

  • Successful Executive

    "There are many "how to do" business books that more than often are brag books with an A-Z list the author shares as guaranteed steps to succeed in business. They often leave out that there are many that can and have followed their exact steps and never quite reached their goal.

    This isn't another "how to do" read, but more of a "how to be". The ability to be tenacious during detours is not often discussed in business school or entrepreneurial programs but it should be. This realistic portrayal of one man's story should rejuvenate any reader to remember no matter where they are in their journey, all the planning in the world won't help if one is not able to adjust to the expected and unexpected roadblocks.

    The development of these "how to be" muscles will make one more than ready to perform when the opportunity to showcase their "how to do" presents itself.

    Each reader will find a different gem that sticks with them and that personal "aha" moment makes this a must read addition to any one that is working towards a goal on a road less traveled." - M. Gay

  • Mompreneur

    "I begrudgingly read the whole book. Begrudgingly because there was a TV show I really wanted to watch tonight, but I started reading the book and couldn't pull away from it.

    Very, very good." - N. Lewis

My beautiful twins, Zoe and Thaddeus.

My beautiful twins, Zoe and Thaddeus.

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What's the most important thing for a parentpreneur?

The most important thing for a Parentpreneur, other than having a great product at a great price, is a supportive spouse. 

Without a supportive spouse, either the business will fail.

Or the marriage will fail. 

Or both will fail. 

This Book Cover IS My Life!

This Book Cover IS My Life!

Contact James

To contact James for press and speaking engagements, email: jamesoliver565 at gmail dot com. 

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About The Author

About The Author

James Oliver, Jr. is Co-Founder of the world's cutest twins, Thaddeus and Zoe, and CEO and Founder of, the world's only website that lets you turn your digital images into a custom collage on removable wallpaper.  

James has been featured in Money Magazine,, and on CNBC's reality TV show, West Texas Investors Club. 

James has an MBA from the Kenan-Flagler Business School at UNC-Chapel Hill, and a B.S. in Accounting from Morehouse College, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude. 

James lives in Atlanta, GA with his twins.

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